I have been studying, practicing, meditating and all of the sorts for a very long time now. It has been a calling of mine to awaken, become enlightened to the truth, for as long as I can remember now. Even as a child I can recall having this deep feeling that none of this can be real. People and the world seemed so crazy to me and my complete inability to understand why people do the things that they do lead me to think that I was living some bad dream. I can even recall a childhood fantasy that I didn’t really “come from” this world, that I was somehow cast into it by some evil force and I was trying to find my way home. I didn’t exactly have a good childhood, but then who really does in an ego driven world. But as a reclusive child with a need for escape, it served the purpose, and ultimately led me on the quest to understand, or at least to try and figure out what was real. My family was deeply religious, and of course in all instances God was the answer. But I had serious issue with the exclusivity of it all. How can a God who is pure love not only exclude certain groups of his children/creation, and even worse, send some to some horrific place if they don’t play by the rules. More importantly, why create something eternal purely for the purpose of condemning it for eternity? This made absolutely no sense at all, as that would mean this God of love was to some degree a sadist, and that made even less sense.

God, the creator of all things, does not separate or exclude. How could that even be possible? If the creator of all things is everything, and nothing can exist outside of the creator (as that which the creator sits within would thereby be greater than it, which cannot be), how could the creator separate, exclude, or condemn that which is ultimately a part of it? Conclusively there is a reason for everything that exists, as stated in the Kybalion, hermetic philosophy, “As Above So Below”; how things behave on a smaller scale, is also how things behave on the larger. The Anthropic Principle is a good example of this; everything in nature not only has its place, but all things work perfectly and in perfect harmony as it was created. The only time you see that idea or principle get thrown out of balance is when you insert ego. The idea that we as individuals are “separate” from anything, each other, the eco-system, all of creation, is not just an illusion, but the very process itself leans towards the path of destruction. There can be only one of two paths to take, one of destructive or constructive behavior. There is no middle ground, for even the state of no motion would be the destructive path, as failure to evolve leads to extinction.

How is everything I am talking about relative to the disillusionment of awakening? How can one walk the path of awakening, becoming enlightened, reconnecting with the true self and its nature, when one holds oneself separate from those around them? Ego enlists the ideal of separatism as an act of self-preservation, a defense mechanism. But as long as the choice is made to ‘go at this alone’, the path is incorrectly chosen, and whether its realized or not, it can only lead to working against awakening rather than towards it.

The main reason I bring this up, is that all too often I see within the ‘New Age Community’ a severe lack of community. It seems all too common that people are so focused on their own journey, their own path, and all things relative, they forget that awakening simply cannot be achieved alone. If you consider the philosophies of ‘what you do for others you do for yourself’ or ‘what you despise in others resides within yourself’, the very fact that we are not just simply “all connected”, (which seems to be a term that is thrown around far to superficially), but deeper at the core of truth and reality, we are all one, I am actually you, and you are actually me, we are two parts of one whole! The importance of a deeper understanding to this principle is far too easily ignored and disregarded. People who are seeking to awaken their consciousness have to accept and understand that the effort is ultimately futile until they start making deeper connections within their community. It seems far too difficult to try and make meaningful and deep connections, as people always want to keep you at arm’s length. In this day and age getting past the level of acquaintance is very difficult unfortunately.

So for myself at least, as I continue my journey to become fully realized, fully awakened, and open the doors and pathways to the wholeness of potential, I look to others. I connect to others and in doing so I connect to myself. I hope, if anything else, this gives fuel for thought on bringing people together. For by coming together, walking this path as a community, the true power that is our potential will be far greater than anything that could be achieved alone.


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