The last week was all about manifestation. This is a subject that rears its head quite often, in most cases people come into this subject looking to change their lives, improve their degree of success, or obtain wealth. The interesting thing is that every person’s definition of success varies. Not all people consider it a matter of money. As it should be, what it really is about is allowing, or giving yourself permission to receiving the fullness of the endless abundance of creation. We have been conditioned to believe that resources are in limited supply. This of course is what those who are the “haves” category want to keep from the “have nots”. Those who have power do not like to share. Of course this is a general statement, not all are like this. But for the most part, it is undeniable that there are those in power who manipulate the masses to keep themselves at the top. When the truth is, it is our birth right to be powerful. For those who do not want others to have, they live and want to stay in the 3rd dimension, whereas our goal in evolution is to ascend into the 5th. No matter how hard they try, and they are trying very hard, eventually it will occur and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it.

In the meantime, it all begins with the transition of thinking to knowing. We must embrace our true nature. We are all connected, and I challenge you to expand on the idea of what it means to be connected to all. Do not just think of others when you embody the principle, become one with all that there is. From the smallest of particles to the biggest of stars, to reunify with all that is creation here on the 3rd dimension, which is ultimately an illusion, but none the less a foundation of creation that is our own. This creation that is shared by all, people and particles alike, is limitless. If you align yourself with your true self, your true purpose, allow yourself to envision what it is you want for yourself and your life, then transfer that idea or visualization from thinking to knowing, manifestation happens quite quickly. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is it cannot be done alone. If you were to bake a cake, you could not do so with just one ingredient. It takes a list of products and processes. As above so below, when you place your intention out into the higher dimensions, you have to get out there and start making connections in any way possible. It’s about being in the right place at the right time. You simply have to know, rather than believe or have faith, that you are always doing exactly what you should be doing at any given moment. Belief and faith will not serve you in this purpose, as it comes attached with the possibility of doubt. Whereas when it comes to knowing, it simply is. Once it is in the realm of knowing, you surrender. Surrender to the deep knowing, that it is, and that it is no longer possible for anything to challenge or interrupt its coming. Then be completely in the moment, let time fall away, realizing that there is no time; each and every second of your observation is like a frame unfolding before you. It is when you see the Buddha dance, in this moment, outside of time, you vibrate at the level of power and manifestation, creation at its source, and allowance.

So always let it be, a part of who you are, as it is who you are. Accept that which created you and begin to create yourself, as you are in it’s image. The materials you have to work with have no limits!


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