As we come into the 21st Century modern humanity evolves its thinking of what it means to be “Spiritual”. If you ask most people, as I have throughout the years, they will say “I am not religious, I am spiritual”. Generally for most it seems this means a variety of things to each individual, as it should, but there also seems to be a similar undertone to what that does mean in most all instances. Largely and ironically we can thank science and physics for this development. As we become more and more technologically advanced, as well as more knowledgeable to the fundamental workings of the Universe and creation itself, the principles that mystics have been laying down for millennia are one by one being validated. As more and more discoveries evolve we are seeing now for the first time how profound the mysteries truly are. Just to name a few, recent discoveries in the study of black holes have led to strong theories that the universe is holographic, this of course would agree with eastern mysticism’s teachings that “reality” is an illusion. String and M theory has shown that the makings of our universe traverse into 11 (mathematically know) dimensions, and we can pretty much ascertain, at the very least, that the 4th dimension is valid. Also there is the matter of the Heisenberg principle, the Anthropic principle, Hyper-entanglement, the Zero Point Field, and many more to consider and mention. But without getting too technical, our Universe, what we are, what role we play, and what it all means, is vastly changing and again evolving. This has in a way led us to not only more answers, but ever more questions. We know that energy never dies; we also know that all matter is energy. Lastly, but not at all in the least, we know that energy (particles) exists as pure potential until properly observed, how that observation has an effect on its creation, and its recorded outcome. So what then of the still unrecognized, invalidated, untested, and completely unknown thing we call “Consciousness”. Even in this smaller, more obscurely studied field, scientist struggle to have any idea of what it really is. Of course there are many loosely placed theories, but most problematic is trying to define something within this dimension that fundamentally has to exist outside of it, but of course this is another article all together. But leading back to the original point, consciousness morphs into the larger role of higher understanding, what it truly means to be “Spiritual”. It cannot be denied, as it has been tried and tested since recorded history, that the spiritual aspect of humanity is a need that requires satiation. Should that idea come into question all one needs to do is read the news. Human nature has been too long without a soul, having lost its faith in organized religion, and instead placed it into the cold hands of empirical science, essentially losing its humanity. We may have lost our way, but I am a firm believer in the idea that despite being lost, the nature remains. In so thinking the evolved human race is rethinking the idea of what it means to be spiritual in the first place. It all comes back to the knowing, I believe, all the way down into our DNA, that all of what is, is divine. That “Source”, where we came from, and what we will eventually return to, has begun to take on a whole new meaning, or at least it’s now being seen for what it truly is. Not some vengeful, jealous and exclusive God, but rather a force of all-encompassing conscious energy and Love.

All of the aforementioned then and now leads us to this new era of PSI. We have a whole new and evolved way of looking at and considering consciousness, how it expresses itself, as well as makes itself manifest in the known world. What we are witnessing with the current explosion of interest in things such as The Secret, The Power of Thought, The Law of Attraction, and all things similar, is the understanding that these ideas and principles play perfectly into what we now know of how the Universe works, what it’s made of, and how it functions. The ever present role that conscious thought plays in our existence and world around us has become undeniable. The evidence brought about over the past 100 years in my opinion has ended the conversation. Now we are at the point of awakening, beginning to understand and put into play our truest potential to create and shape our very existence. Energy and Matter are a malleable and influenceable substance that we can literally shape any way we wish. This may sound Grande, but our enlightenment is soon at hand. I firmly believe, and witnessing every day in everyone around me, that more and more people are coming into a greater understanding of what they truly are. But it’s so much more than that, the thing is, as all things are made to be in balance, the ever present source of all creation has in place checks and balances to keep us safe from ourselves. Until we evolve our way of thinking, treat each other, and how we treat our environment, these doors will remain ever closed. One does not put a loaded gun into the hands of a sociopath. Slowly but surely that small percentile of enlightened and awakened people are showing the rest of the world through their actions, rather than their worlds, what this truly means for the human race. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, and I personally have great hope that someday, soon or in the near future, that consciousness will emerge, as the nature of evolution cannot be stopped.  This is the New Era of PSI, welcome.


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