Welcome to the PSIence Society and thank you for visiting our site. Over the past 30 years I (Matthew Liscomb/Executive Director) have researched, practiced and expanded my understanding of consciousness on all levels. In recent years, I have become aware of a growing interest by people, locally and all over the world that shares a vastly developing interest in the subject matter. People are coming to a greater awareness of what consciousness is. As I spoke on the subject, I came to find people exhibited both a strong curiosity about consciousness, but also an evolved perception of what it truly is. In the past, attitudes towards the subject material were being noted as nothing more than ‘psychic mumbo jumbo”, or the scientific approach that consciousness was nothing more than a misinterpreted idea of physiological brain activity. Now however, humanity all over the globe, with the help of the internet and shared ideas, are expanding and evolving on the truth, knowing it’s out there, knowing its part of our truth in existence. Ironically its biggest PR boost came from science itself. As physics discovered more profound truths on a quantum level, what science thought of reality, or what is real, amazingly reflects what the mystics, shamans, Zen Masters, ect have been saying for millennia now. That our Universe, our reality, is consciousness, that what we call matter is nothing more than collapsed, observed potential. Given what we are finding scientifically, it’s no surprise that these Masters of the past and present have demonstrated astonishing abilities. Even in the main stream media, with movies and television, people are fascinated with the idea of the evolved human and its true potential. It’s as if we are starting to slowly awaken to our true nature. All over the world you will find, as religion becomes obsolete, that the mass majority is coming to understand – “there is something out there, I just don’t know what it is”.

Human beings are literally wired to be spiritual, eventually, and depending on one’s capacity to understand it, as we age we come to “feel” like something is missing. We learn that science not only does not have all the answers, and that religion no longer nourishes the longing, that there is a deep yearning. Most, unfortunately, cannot relate to what that yearning is, and as the use of anti-depressants are on the rise, the masses are coming to reevaluate definitions of success, what makes one ‘happy’, and that material goods are nothing more than a temporary fix to the problem amongst other things. Deep within the core of who and what we are is the seed of understanding to our true nature. That we are all connected in this vast universe, that all of what we thought was real is not what it seems. So the quest begins, more and more people are breaking away from the conditioned norm that was taught them, and the awakening process begins. All of what we perceive as real is actually an illusion, as stated by the Buddhist for centuries. As new discoveries in the research of black holes have newly taught us, the universe is actually a holograph, being directly in line with the illusion philosophy. In quantum research we have found an array of astounding realizations. From matter being nothing more than collapsed consciously observed potential, the 11 (so far known) dimensions, parallel universes from a singular universe to an infinite multiverse, everything is energy, including our thoughts. With quantum physics being the foundation of everything, the scientific method has begrudgingly become obsolete, as technically nothing can be ultimately absolute or even empirical. The time has come for us to evolve that understanding. Science needs to stop being so exclusive and should know by now that not all knowledge is linear. The mystics and philosophers of old knew much more than we allot credit for. The ruins of Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco is a blatant example, as these massive stones weighing in the tens to hundreds of tons, were cut with laser precision out of some of the hardest stone on the planet. Even with the modern machinery and tools of our era, replicating these stones would prove incredibly difficult and in some cases not possible. Then we see something like Coral Castle in Florida, hand crafted by an eccentric Latvian recluse named Edward Leedskalnin, who claimed to know the true secrets of the Pyramids. Cutting and placing massive stones weighing up to 30 tons each for a total layout of 1,100 tons of stone all by himself!? This is a man who himself was a lanky 110lb man, so how did he do it? Theories abound, but generally the principle comes back to consciousness and the nature of ‘Reality’. Matter, which is energy, is subject to these principles, and 100 ton stones can be rendered close to weightless.

As we come into the 21st century evolution marches ever forward. Humanity, growing ever faster in its learning and understanding, is coming home to its true nature, and people are feeling it all over the globe. We are conscious beings having a human experience. Given the need, the overwhelming curiosity and wonder, I formed the PSIence Society. To help people come together, learn, grow and evolve together in the understanding of consciousness, our conscious universe, our true nature and all its wondrous potential! The PSIence Society is a relatively new organization, only a few years old now, and holds meetings and classes through Meetup.com. Through the creation of this website and the organization of its members, I hope to have it grow into so much more, as this journey cannot be completed alone. The site is still under construction, so please bear with me as I learn how to bring all this together. I will soon have a member’s page up and running for people to be able to sign up for our newsletters, articles, blogs and updates to coming events. It’s no accident that your found this site ;)!


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