The PSIence Society now offers “Video Webinars”

Classes and Seminars over the web using group video conference. As allot of our members reside all over the map, getting to an actual location can be difficult, and in some instances impossible. But utilizing the latest in internet tech, i.e. Skype Premium, we can offer these classes and seminars via the web. The only thing required by members is a Skype account, the latest (free) version of Skype, and be a member to The PSIence Society. Classes and Seminars will be announced in newsletters and posted on the Calendar.

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Psychokinesis 101

Psychokinesis is learning to manipulate and move matter with thought. PK 101 teaches you beginning techniques on how to use thought to manipulate matter.

*Per-Req BM 101, PSI 102

Psychokinesis 102

In Advanced Psychokinesis you will learn advanced control over the principles of vibration and matter excitement. Mastering these principles offers greater focus, strength and control to

PK *Per-Req PK 101

Psi Development 103 (PSI 103)

PSI 103 is the next step to a deeper understanding of PSI energy and its control.  This course explores intuition, ESP, Telepathy and matter manipulation.

*Pre-req— PSI 101 &102, RV 102, OBE 102

Psi Development 104 (PSI 104)

PSI 104 teaches mastery level technique to previous courses from 101, 102 and 103.  In this course you will learn fine tuned mastery in energy manipulation and focus

*Per-Req PSI 103

Out of Body 101 (OBE 101)

OBE 101 is all about getting deeply familiar with your Personal Energy Field, otherwise known as your Energy Body.  This will prepare you to be more comfortable with projection.

*Pre-req PSI 101, AM 102, RV 101

Out of Body 102 (OBE 102)

Now that you are more familiar with your Personal Energy Field/Body this course teaches proper projection techniques, safety and control.

*Pre-req OBE 101

Remote Viewing 101 (RV 101)

Remote Viewing 101 give you a foundation to thought projection and control.  Focusing on the inner sight center of the mind and how  to ‘See” through it.

*Pre-req—AM 102

Remote Viewing 102 (RV 102)

Remote Viewing 102 teaches refining your thought sight, projection and tele-location, connecting to another’s sight, incorporation of sound as well as Energy Field work and more.

*Pre-req—RV 101

Psi Development 101 (PSI 101)

In this course you will learn he basics of your Personal Energy Field, thought centering, energy manipulation/stimulation, basic intuition, and energy projection.

*Per-Req BM 101

Psi Development 102 (PSI 102)

This course teaches more advanced techniques in manipulating and control of your Personal Energy Field, high energy focus, super fluid thought projection and more…

*Pre-req—AM 102, PSI 101

Meditation 102 (AM 102)

This course focuses on more advanced techniques of mind stillness, connecting to your Personal Energy Field and zero point center.

*Per-Req—BM 101

Basic Meditation 101 (BM 1-1)

It all comes back to being able to meditate. This course will teach you basic techniques to get you started and familiar with deeper states of consciousness.


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